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Havering & Redbridge

About Us

Home-Start Havering & Redbridge is a non-profit organisation that provides practical and emotional support to families who live in either borough and have at least one child under the age of five. We recruit and train volunteers to provide support tailored to the individual family’s needs.

Home-Start Havering was established in 1999 to address a recognised need for families who were struggling with the daily demands of parenthood. The service is intended to be accessible to all families that meet our requirements. Families can either self-refer or be referred by a professional. Home-Start expanded into Redbridge in 2022 and updated its name to reflect the change.

Home-Start Havering & Redbridge operates in affiliation with the national entity, Home-Start UK. However, it maintains its autonomy and assumes full responsibility for its internal management and financial sustenance.

Home-Start Havering & Redbridge has to comply with Home-Start UK’s policies and procedures and has signed up to an agreement that involves completing a quality assurance evaluation aimed at ensuring the efficient functioning of the scheme. The charity is overseen by a governing body known as the Board of Trustees and Directors, who hold the responsibility of managing and establishing the strategic direction of the organisation. Additionally, the charity employs a total of 9 staff members, who operate in conjunction with a network of over 30 trained volunteers. These volunteers are tasked with providing home-visiting parent support services.

Our referral process

Referrals are commonly obtained from social care agencies such as health visitors, early help, or social workers involved in a family’s welfare. We also accept referrals from any professional working with families.

We also work with families that have voluntarily sought help when they have reached a point where their current circumstances have become overwhelming.

Upon receipt of a referral, our Family Support Coordinators will establish communication with the referred family. Subsequently, a volunteer or one of our paid family support workers will be selected and assigned to provide support to the aforementioned family. The volunteers and family support workers in our organisation undergo comprehensive training and get continuous support, which instills a sense of security among the families who benefit from their confidential support.

If individuals would like to make a self-referral, they are encouraged to contact us by utilising our referral form, which may be accessed here.

Latest Annual Report

Please download a copy of our 2022-2023 Final Trustees Annual Report.